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The request for aluminium doors and windows for modern residential and commercial skyscrapers is on the increase in Nigeria. Nr. 4 Bourdillon apartments in Ikoyi, has advanced architectural design being an iconic residential project, therefore it demanded futuristic technical solutions in aluminium design. Omnia has invested in a new system of sliding windows and doors called SKYVIEW SL160.

The Design

The objective was an exclusive design with exceptional performances to match to the building’s outer glamour with the luxurious and highly functional interiors. The sliding doors are enriched by a central profile that accommodates the lock and handle for the operating of the sliding panels.

The absence of interior glazing beads, avoids any kind of workmanship on the profiles making the edges of the sliding panel to have a smooth finish.

OMNIA SKYVIEW SL 160 design also reduces the impact of the sliding panel frames. The frames are designed to be concealed at the top, side and sill frame. This allows larger glasses to be exposed than a traditional sliding door, all in favor of aesthetics of the building.

The Sliding Doors

At Bourdillon 4 the sliding doors SL160 have panels height of 3250mm (Floor to ceiling) and allow first class quality semi clear & low-E glasses up to 32mm thickness giving high acoustic performance.

This performance vary from 32Db to 45Db, this enables to prevent the transmission of sound energy from the out door environment to the indoor environment, creating an island of silence in the chaos of the modern metropolis.

The Curtain Walls

The curtain walls in Bourdillon 4 are in OMNIA System Skywall 50S and they combine aesthetic appeal of a all-glass façade to good insulation and sealing performance. Mullion and transom are visible only internally to the building, meanwhile externally it is an all-glass finish.

The glass modules are fixed with fasteners and externally finished with silicone sealant. Opening units are identical to the fixed modules.

The success of the projects depends on care, attention and above all on the awareness and professionalism of the execution of the installations.

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