Innovative solutions in the building industry.

High performance doors and windows is our speciality. This demands special requirements with ingenuity and innovation.

Omnia Rational 54 system are custom designed to meet those special requirements.Since their inception in 1980’s Omnia Rational 54 systems have been prime selected by architects for use on many low-rise and high-rise projects.

Omnia Finish Options.

You can chose from our traditional range of anodized profiles, natural, bronze and black, to specialized powder coated colors to suit your choice. The use of sub-frames prior to the aluminum profiles makes Omnia installation unique, strong and super finished. Additionally,it is of grate advantage to the main contractors by making their finished work faster and neater without delaying their program of work.

Your choice can be met from our normal glazing, clear, tinted, reflective , toughened glasses up to the specialized laminated double and light arm resistant. Our aluminium accessories are unique and of prime quality raw materials to withstand weather vagaries.

No two jobs are the same . That is why Omnia thoroughly engineers every job to determine the proper components. Necessary to satisfy your design specifications including special perimeter conditions. So when you are looking to a low rise, high rise curtain wall projects combining high performance with aesthetics , remember the Omnia Rational 54 systems.

The success of the projects depends on care, attention and above all on the awareness and professionalism of the execution of the installations.

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