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The curtain wall creates an island of perfect silence and clear beauty in the chaos of modern metropolis , reflecting the sunlight and the passing of clouds, giving back a surreal atmosphere of a feeling frequently denied by oppressive barriers.It reconciles the necessity of huge functional spaces and the desire of dressing them with human light.

Most of all it becomes a perfect interpreter of our needs , to respect our desire of privacy in certain balance between entrepreneurial tension and necessity of privacy.But behind its apparent simplicity the curtain wall concealed great technological complexity.

Only the most qualified companies have studied in details this complexity bringing a significant contribution. The Omnia Skywall systems are the answer to the increase in demand of advanced technical solutions combining safety and reliability with modern and aesthetically enjoyable architectural design.

Skywall mechanical-structural glazing curtain wall, is patented and utilizes specially designed aluminium profiles providing a perfect grip and mechanical retention to the glass.

The success of the projects depends on care, attention and above all on the awareness and professionalism of the execution of the installations.

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